…people wait.

all week for friday.

all year for summer.

all life for happiness.
- Uknown.
- Okmaybeiwasjusttoolazytoresearchit.


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Spring has sprung, and now I’ve decided I want to ditch my combat boots for a femme look.

We’ll see how that goes… :)


Source: GaranceDore.

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Holy Moly.


it’s time to get the passport out.

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Look at the stars… Look how they shine for… youuuuu…

Ok, they weren’t all yellow. But they’re beautiful.

Paris 48° 50′ 55″ N 2012-08-13 Lst 22:15

Paris 48° 50′ 55″ N 2012-08-13 Lst 22:15

That’s a photo of what Paris would look like… if it weren’t a metropolitan city with lights and pollution and such.  So I guess it’s Paris.. if it weren’t.. what it is.

From a photo series by Thierry Cohen called ‘Darkened Cities‘. In these photos he would visit specific points he wanted to photograph in large cities, recording their longitude and latitude. He would then go to deserted locations of the same latitude, and focus his photographs there on the night sky. Finally, he’d superimpose the deserted night sky over the deserted cityscape (bottom half)..

…and it’s brilliant. (get it? brilliant… i cackled a bit.)¹

More images to follow… (my favorite is the last).

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hurry up with my damn croissants!

kanye west  cracks me up. : )


few more of my favorite cafe images…

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back to black.


Rendering for a conversion of a 1960′s office in London to a private home, by SHH Architects.

Inspired by 10 Downing, it uses black bricks with charcoal pointing, polished granite, and charcoal black zinc.

More proof that black is beautiful. : )

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Haring in the flesh.


…this is by far the best Keith Haring-inspired tattoo I’ve ever seen.

I love full sleeves. Especially when they’re artistic references, instead of just a random smattering of stuff a guy likes (e.g. his mom + his dog + a sandwich + an eagle).


Punk & Proper.


Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney was hands down my favorite at the Met Ball last night.

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It’s coming!

My birthday’s in exactly one month, and im surprisingly excited about this one.

So excited I barely have anything for my annual wishlist! I’ve got a lot to be grateful for already. : )

But I’ll make a tiiiiny list just for old time’s sake.


a Restoration Hardware Versailles Chair

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…i like Montblanc pens. and Moleskine paper. i like Goyard bags. and green Now-or-Laters. Monocle magazine. and Japanese manga…

bit of Lupe for ya.

And speaking of Monocle… The Monocle Cafe is opening in London…

I haven’t even been there and I love it already.monocle


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