sometimes i like to do some work with the TV on… (work-work.. not werrrrrrrrrk).

jay z’s fade to black always gets me feeling inspired.

or rather, feeling like… heck yes.

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Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

so, i claaaaaim to be French.

and on Monday the 14th of July, it was Bastille Day, which commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution.

so in honor of Bastille Day, I’ll share my favorite details from the recent Paris Couture Fall 2014 collections.


Giambattista Valli Cotton & Gold.


Valentino Leather Ribbons.


Chanel Trains.

Vive la revolution!

Credits: style.style.style.

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before he speak, his suit bespoke.


“The First Coat” by Vladimir Makovsky (1892)

superimposed with lyrics from “American Boy” by Estelle feat. Kanye West.

From one of my new favorite tumblrs… flyart.

Mixes classical art with hip hop lyrics. : )

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can we talk about tron for a minute?

yeh, i said it… tron: legacy.

it’s tied with inception as one of the most visually inspiring movies i’ve ever seen.. and it’s scored by daft punk, so that’s a plus.

i can’t even tell you the storyline. i’ve seen it about 4 times now, and i’m too busy staring at the graphics to pay attention to the plot.


city skyline

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…fish. chips. cup-o-tea. bad food. worse weather. mary f*cking poppins…



This sketch reminds me of London. And also has me making plans… : )



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monet on my mind.


The Monet Room at the Musee de l’Orangerie, in Paris.

This room just begs for silence.

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…people wait.

all week for friday.

all year for summer.

all life for happiness.
– Uknown.
– Okmaybeiwasjusttoolazytoresearchit.


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Spring has sprung, and now I’ve decided I want to ditch my combat boots for a femme look.

We’ll see how that goes… :)


Source: GaranceDore.

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Holy Moly.


it’s time to get the passport out.

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Look at the stars… Look how they shine for… youuuuu…

Ok, they weren’t all yellow. But they’re beautiful.

Paris 48° 50′ 55″ N 2012-08-13 Lst 22:15

Paris 48° 50′ 55″ N 2012-08-13 Lst 22:15

That’s a photo of what Paris would look like… if it weren’t a metropolitan city with lights and pollution and such.  So I guess it’s Paris.. if it weren’t.. what it is.

From a photo series by Thierry Cohen called ‘Darkened Cities‘. In these photos he would visit specific points he wanted to photograph in large cities, recording their longitude and latitude. He would then go to deserted locations of the same latitude, and focus his photographs there on the night sky. Finally, he’d superimpose the deserted night sky over the deserted cityscape (bottom half)..

…and it’s brilliant. (get it? brilliant… i cackled a bit.)¹

More images to follow… (my favorite is the last).

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